Pulling notification bar, screen goes black

Hi guys i recently bought my meizu m2 note for about a week and it was great so far. For some reason everytime when i pull down my notification bar now or pull up my task manager it goes to a black screen. The thing is when i reverse the process so i pull the notification bar up again it goes back to normal. I have to turn of my phone then turn it on again then it stops and happens later on. Help?

Got this issue too now, any help with this guys? Phone was working perfectly till yestrday when this started. Ive also updated the system to the newest one, and the problem didnt pass.

Well, did you try to clear data with the update? Still, both of you did not mention the firmware version. We really need this to help you.

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Here are my phone details, thank guys

Hi guys,

Sorry for my English.

I also have this problem, any solution?

I have installed the last version of flyme and the problem persist.


Enable “force GPU 2D rendering” in developer options and see what happens.


@manik does this really fixes the easy?
If yes, good job, what was your approach if I may ask?

@AOKP I really don’t know if what I suggested is the solution to the problem, but I have enabled this option in my m2 note (4.5.4I) and I don’t have any problem. I didn’t have any problem with this option disabled either. It’s just a suggestion. Of course the problem can be software related. Maybe a hard reset fixes all the problems. Also Security Center is a pain in the ass as i see to many people.

I have a meizu m2 (mini).
Same problem.
I rooted my device and disabled the pre installed app DU Battery Saver.
It look like that app is causing the trouble.

I have an M2 Mini and experiencing this similar problem. These steps bring back the notification bar to normal:
Setting > About phone > Storage > Clean rubbish.

hey my notification bar and task bar are not working what should i do?? pls guys help me
my moblie is
meizu m2

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