Meizu MX5 turns off and on by itself

Hello everybody, recently I have received my Meizu MX5 32 GB from Aliexpress. It came with flyme , so i install immediately. Everything seems to work fine for a couple of hours. but then, after locking the screen i tried to unlock it , it seems to be swithed off. but the lights of notification and vibration is working. After this thing it suddenly turned on, like nothing happend. I thought that it might be some problem with so update to
but after one night —the story repeated. than i have done hard reset . delete everything but after 20 minutes of working it shut down again.
So now its not working. but there is still the vibration after presing the unlock button.
Try to set from recovery mode. But now the screen looks dead.
If somebody faced the same situation as I. please, let me know. I will appreciate any help.


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@esirotkin try the latest firmware, its supposed to fix the reboots.

@ultrametric Thank you. I made a mistake, when writing previous post. Phone came from China with and i try new, but it didnt help.

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@esirotkin Did you buy it from a seller with good ratings and good reviews, that has the shop open for years?
And your problem right now is a broken screen?

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@Ultrametric yes, seller with good ratings and good reviews, 3 years at aliexpress. after 3 hours, it restart by himself and I manage to reboot it on the latest firmware once again, now it seems to be working normally. hope that it will not repeat again. Any way, thank you very much @Ultrametric

and now again…dont know what to do. cant even turn it on.


@esirotkin Does your phone get hot, before it turns off? What do you do before it turns off? Describe every detail please.

hello again.
i managed to reboot with factory settings, and after all update to the latest version of flyme. and now for a 3 days all symptoms passed.

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