[DEV] Cyanogenmod 12.1 for MX4 (xen0n)

This thread is dedicated to the development of cyanogenmod 12.1 port by xen0n for Meizu MX4.

!WARNING! Read the complete post!

What is working?

  • Sensors
  • Audio
  • Camera
  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • Codecs
  • Backlight
  • Bluetooth
  • Telephony and SMS


  • To be updated


xen0n blog

All your actions with the phone is at your own risk. The authors are not liable. This is just your choice. PLEASE read full instructions before you start. And ask questions. RECOMMENDED ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED USERS.

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Updated the original post, uploaded both the recovery and firmware files to Google drive so you can enjoy fast download.
I couldn’t finish installation guide tho, but you should follow the one on xda and xen0n blog(link in first post).

Meizu MX4

what is the difference to

stuck at black meizu logo after doing this … CWM worked but aufter install bootloop … can’t enter recovery only fastboot

Meizu MX4

@zooker said:

zooker posted 22 minutes ago reply quote 0
stuck at black meizu logo after doing this … CWM worked but aufter install bootloop … can’t enter recovery only fastboot

Bricked!! What you do???

Meizu MX4

@Martynas said:

Installation method
If you have installed 4.5.6 or Later meizu has patched the exploit and instalation is currently unavailable even with downgrading.

Downgrade/upgrade to flyme version with clear data
Root and install SuperSU
Download recovery apk and firmware and put both files into phones internal memory
Install recovery apk and launch, selectm button to unlock Bootloader (install simulated recovery), select button to boot into recovery and restart phone
This is unfinished guide, to install read this thread on xda

it’s wrong!! Don’t do it!! Brick phones!! -.-’’


@Naphtha Does it work on the normal MX4, I thought the exploit was only on the MX4 Ubuntu! Do you know more about it?

Meizu MX4

@Ultrametric Check my thread on modding bro!! We have it!! ;)

Just so everyone understands this thread is dedicated to the development of the rom and any modifications you do is at your own risk.

Meizu MX4

not all are able to understand this… the apk you have been posted can let brick a lot of devices…


Well now there are quite some warnings in the first post, if people ignore it… well well :(

In general I think some people don’t plan ahead before performing things. It’s not so bad in the Meizu community as modding is limited, but loads of MIUI people brick their phone or remove the stock recovery. Without thinking ahead and questioning them self simple things like: “Do I want to have this on my phone? Is it possible to revert it and go back to stock?”

In my opinion, for those people there is no help, no matter how often you warn em, they will ignore it.

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Hello ! What a great job ! I bricked mt MX4 after having installed Flyme 4.5.4 and this rom simply resurrected my phone ! Great job ! However, cellular data doesn’t seem to work, I suppose it’s a matter of time…

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