Daily Motion Problem

Hello all,

I have a problem in Daily Motion App,
when i try to play some videos using the wifi the video play like a charm
but when i use the app to dowload the same video then play it, now the problem appears the problem is the video speed is slowing down and the video is not played well

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Tried another video app?

all is working perfectly only the official app of daily motion
i try it in other phones and it works i think the problem is from Meizu

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Well, which apps did you try, do you have the correct codecs installed? The video in dailymotion could be coded a different way than the downloaded video. What is the resolution and format you get?

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then why the video play perfect with wifi !

Well, I already answered your question, but you probably don’t understand it.

where is the answer bro !

Something with codecs, but since you specify nothing on the problem, like what is the type of file you get and why it is behaving badly.

With MX player you could try it, you have to play around with H/W and S/W decoding settings.

Thanks for your reply
i can’t play it with MX Player because the downloaded video play only in the app of daily motion i wish you understand

Well, can you tell something more about the file type? It is downloaded somewhere on your device. What is the type and what is the decoding settings? We really need to have this information to help you.

Thanks For your Help “Kokkie” i send an e-mail to the meizu company and waitting for an answer i think the problem is in the flyme system

yes all the version same problems and i think the problem also in m1 note and MX series

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