MX4 contacts search porblem

Hey guys,

I’m using MX4 4.5.5i. Problem is that when trying to search my contacts, it could take even 30 sec! to the device to show me the contacts, after pressing the first letter required. It happened to me even in 4.2.8i version.

I’m from Israel and using the hebrew keyboard, but it happens also with my english contacts. Has someone encountered this problem? Here in Israel I know some people have is too but I wanted to know if it exsists outside Israel.
From what I know, the contact issue, that was worse in the past versions (contacts dissapered) has something to do with Whatssup app sync although I’m disabling this feature.

Will be happy to get your impressions with your contact search. Thanks!

Well, I had the same problem on on my MX3, reflashing the firmware will probably help you. If you flash the same firmware version, clear data is not necessary. BTW did you clear data with the update? If not, you will have to clear data.

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The information below I get from Meizu Malaysia. I didn’t delete all accounts. I just disable the contact sync then only enable for gmail. Works so far

Contact Slow issues
Please make sure to backup all your contacts before you proceed.

  1. setting > accounts > select account > delete
    After all account deleted
  2. Setting > Apps > Contacts Storage > Clear Data
  3. Setting > Apps > Contacts > Clear Data
  4. Please use only gmail account to sync with contact account

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