local language

i have MX5 phone
first time i use this phone it has Arabic language but after i do the updated for flyme i can’t find Arabic language in my phone i don’t no why they deleted after update ??
also after this update the phone come hot if i use it for some minute why ??


It is normal that you lost the language - it is Meizu’s new “marketing strategy”.
Maybe you should clear data when upgrading though.

the last updated of flyme version is OS
i reset the phone many time but no change !!

really i am unhappy for this change in the phone , in description was mention it has Arabic Language & now they remove it … why ??

they have to fix it or i will broke the phone

thank u for your support ,
my phone still in grantee i used it since last month ago but i cant send it back to china it will take time and i have no other phone to use ,
i need to solve the heat if there is other solution can u advise me to do it please .

also i download the Busybox but i am not good in this software i face some Difficult to follow , so there is other easy way to fix the language ??

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