Which brand is the rear camera?

Hello,i order the phone and i’m wait.I read for the rear camera tha is Samsung. Is it true?

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@soupis did you try to google it?

What is the point in knowing which brand it is? It is only usefull to know the camera typenumber to say something about it. Knowing that it is a Samsung doesn’t make any sense, it can be the best camera they have or the most shitty crap they have ever produced.

Yes i try to google it and i find that it is Samsung.I ask because more Chinise brand it is said other on specs and other they take to phone.Sorry if it is stupid question but i have problem with two China smartphone who have Sony Camera.


@soupis Meizu, Xiaomi and Siswoo don’t lie about their specs. No need to worry here.

Only the cheap shit brands e.g. Ulefone Elephone and Umi … lie about their specs

Edit: Uh, but to know it for certain someone would have to open up the device and peek inside.

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Thank you for your reply.I bought a Kingzone and i had camera autofocus problem.Kingzone said Sony Camera and brand of camera is unknown to find it.I know for Meizu is a very good brand because of that i bought this phone and i’m waiting to receive it in few days.


Sony as i know used in MX4 and MX4 Pro. M1 Note have same camera as M2 Note (difference only a few firmware tweaks)… and you can find lots of comparison in internet where almost everyone said the both the same and in m1 used Samsung camera.

its possible to make photos with 16:9 format in stock camera app? videos could be in this format, so why not photos?

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