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I received my Meizu M2 today and so far it has lived up to all my expectations. When I started up the phone I noticed there were a lot of unnecessary apps (such as News, AppCenter, Game Center). So I googled a bit about how to remove them. Apparently by rooting your phone you would be able to remove these apps. Looked up how to root, rooted the phone.

The problem is I still cannot remove apps. When I look up the apps in the settings I dont see any button to remove them. I checked the system privileges and they appear to be opened. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Should I use another way to remove/disable these apps?

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@Hank Hello,

It is up to you to remove those Chinese apps, and do with your phone as you wish.
I don’t recommend you to remove any of it from your system, as this will bring problems with it.

But learning by doing is the best way to learn, so try your luck. You can always flash in a fresh Upgrade, later.

Thanks for the quick response! I will take your advice and not delete them.

Is there any way to ‘hide’ them? Just put them all in a folder seems the easiest way I reckon?


@Hank yes that is the best thing to do.
Remove only what you can remove by drag and drop, without rooting the phone.

The Flyme apps are somehow deeply in the system and e.g. removing the app store may bring you trouble with the google app store and so on.

Edit: renamed the topic a little bit.

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Meizu m2

I did this myself by freezing some “unnecessary” apps.
I tried with Titanium Back UP, but I was having problems, I ended up doind it with an app called Disable Applications, but there are many like this on the store.


Based on, i removed several apk-s permanently by Root Explorer, and my phone is still absolutely stable! Here is a list of my current apk set - note that there are several newly installed app, but You can use it as a reference to compare with Your current apk set. Just open sys.privileges, install Busybox, sudo and SuperSU (don’t forget to install their binaries inside these apps!) and Terminal Emulator, then run: find / -name "*.apk" > /sdcard/apklist.txt


I did not touch meizu.account apps, but removed several other garbage… If You have further tips to remove, then please share it with us!

At this moment, some minutes after a clean reboot ~1050-1100MB of free RAM available with Apex launcher and several other newly installed apps!

(in case of any problem, just do a factory reset then reflash the system with latest, and everything will be fine again!)

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