Minor issues with Google Play

So since I’m on the lollipop versions of Flyme Android OS, I’m having some issues with Google Play.
Certain apps, like for example Instagram, Google Keep or Google Inbox cannot be installed on my device from Google Play, because Google Play says that “Your device is not compatible with this version”. Also, some time ago, Google Play Music stopped suddenly working properly and whenever I try to stream music from it, it tells me that it “Couldn’t play the stream you requested”.

Anybody has or had the same issues? What do I do with it? I used the Google Installer to install my Google apps.

you cant download apps from internet in apk forms… you can try reinstalling googeplay but i dont think it will help…

Is just a Meizu-Google issue, you cannot fix it. You can download .apk files and load them on your phone.

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