chinese people break up MX4 BL,

one key break up BL base XDA 10d996df89843ee2.jpg S50918-094230.jpg S50918-093815.jpg

sry guys, so many chinese


What I am always wondering about is, if it really is a Meizu or a Clone of a Meizu phone. Are you able to confirm that it isn’t a clone?

The first picture looks like an MX3.

Actually bootloader isn’t broken, people just wound a way to launch custom recovery, this is enough to install custom firmware.

As far as I know that CM12 firmware only works on mx4 Ubuntu touch edition, but I guess it shouldn’t be hard to make it work on the hacked Chinese mx4.

Also congratulations for having a phone with simple audio solution (caught caught mx4 pro caught caugh) so at least developers don’t have problems with getting audio to work.

Also m2 note was also hacked in same way.

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