Flyme OS stable (m2)

Security center

  • English translation of some strings repair the wrong question.
  • Repair card a card II display traffic problem of overlapping pool.

Set up

  • Go to Settings application ringtone failures again to jump to third-party applications to repair settings set the tone after.
  • After the repair double click on the network card and portable hotspot, switching system language more out of Estonia and Portuguese issues.

Easy Mode

  • Repair background playing music, click into the easy mode voice broadcast information, there are two problems while playing sound.
  • Repair Easy mode enter all applications, and then click to open or close add applications to the desktop button, all applications in all application switch can not be opened or closed issues.


  • After opening the Task Manager when repairing the phone portrait, to the application lock, switch to the next horizontal screen mode brings up the Task Manager, view the lock icon on the part of the application is blocked problem.
  • Desktop repair problems even now being given cycle.
  • Repair headphones are plugged into the micro-channel contact lookup, click into the chat window after the system volume smaller problem.
  • Repair guest mode automatically put the screen immediately after pressing the power button bright screen, direct access to the master mode problem.
  • Repair charger plugged display charge of 99%, indicating that 100% of the issue unplug the charger.


  • Fixes installed UUCall telephone network, even now after an outside call answering voice from the speaker out.
  • Repair hot-swappable Telecom 3G card terminal, the terminal registered network shows CARD 1, you can not call in question.
  • Repair reject incoming calls, animation Caton delay problem.


  • Repair in slow motion mode camera, video screen noise too many problems.
  • Repair main camera to take pictures in slow motion mode, shoot pictures have serious jagged, poor picture quality problems.
  • Optimization results from your camera.



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Meizu m2 note

This update fixed the problem I was having with my internet banking app,previously the drop down menu to choose what accounts to transfer money to and from was not working,that has now been fixed :)

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Issues with Flyme on my M2:

  1. Date format: the only available format is MM/DD, commonly used formats MM/YY and DD/MM/YY are not available.
  2. Sync frequency in Corporate Exchange account: max sync frequency is 1 hour and there is no option for different settings in peak hours and off-peak hours

Does anyone else notice these? Is there a specific thread that we can report issues or is this good enough?

Hi there! Is there a Portuguese (Portugal) language in this release? My girlfriend wants to buy one of this but she needs to know. Thank you :)

P.S. I am talking about the A version, not the I version ;)

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@CookieC i can’t check for you as I am on Flyme 5 and that supports little languages, but have a look at this topic.

The way it looks right now, Version A will only support Chinese and English :( from Flyme 5, on.

Edit: quoted the wrong guy.

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Latest available A ROM for m2 Mini is A and it supports Portuguese. Flyme 5 is in plans for m2 Mini sometime next year

Thank you so much for the quick response :) Oh I see. So, for flyme 4.5, version A might support it but, for Flyme 5, it doesn’t :disappointed:
Let’s hope that, by the time Fylme 5 gets to the m2, it will :) Just one last question: when non-english languages are selected, how much of the os remains in English/Chinese?


@CookieC The weather app, but this app you can replace.
And some few other things that you can simply delete (without rooting your phone!).

The translations aren’t perfect, but sufficient.

And Flyme 5, is supposed to come sometime after February next year, for the m2.

Alright :) Thank you for the information :D

Is it possible to update with this rom from a 4.5.3C with the method explained in the FAQ’s (without Busybox, Super SU or terminal) ?

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Hello all,
thanks I found this forum.

I’m using M2 since a month ago.
so far I found 2 issues : can’t add more than 1 account ( in my case : gmail). even I can’t delete existing gmail -_-
and 2nd one is : instagram keep showing "there was an issue uploading video. pls try again later"
I’m still looking for another daily issue from this phone.

oh btw,
I was wondering how come new OS available already while in my upgrade official apps from Meizu didnt show any upgrade available, it said you have the latest firmware. :(

I want to upgrade, whether this OS is location based or specific for some countries only?

I’m using M2 with OS standard since bought 4.5.3I


@julei well, you are pretty much stuck.
The deal with your firmware is that it is the international firmware and thanks to the totally incapable decisions of Meizu, other firmware versions lack of some languages like Italian. You can switch to the A firmware, however you then will lose these languages.

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