M1 Note suddenly gone dead
m1 note

I bought a meizu m1 note about 6 months back and got it shipped to London, UK; had been using that phone since then and yesterday it suddenly went off and dead; battery was around 80% at that time and I have tried these options:

  • when i connect it to laptop using original datacable it detects nothing
  • Long Press the power button -> Nothing happens
  • Long Press holding power button + volume down -> Nothing happens
  • Long Press holding power button + volume up -> Nothing happens
  • Tried all above options with its own hard charger plugged in -> Nothing happens

I am wondering if there’s any way this phone can be powered on ? Any help would be highly appreciated !! Thanks

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Sounds strange… Did you do anything unusual or different recently before your phone went dead? If there is no question about water or temperature damage (or any other physical damage) I think the best idea is to take a peek inside the phone assembly and disconnect the battery. If there is dirt or any sign of humidity, please clean it and let it dry (inside air-proof with silica packs or rice), reconnect battery and try again…

Let us know how it turns out, let’s wish for the best! :pray: :neutral_face:

m1 note

The only thing i did was to connect it to my laptop with a datacable other than its own original datacable and it was fine; the battery was around 75% and phone was detected as normal by my laptop and it started getting charged and went up 77-78% when i suddenly noticed that it has restarted; 5 mins later it went off permanently and since then I am unable to switch it on

Also, m1 note has an embedded battery and are you sure i should open it up and disconnect the battery ?

If its not ansewring on ower button then YES.
Its only thing what u can DO.

Hello, if you try to disarm some experience, disconnect the battery, see if the terminals are in condition, measure it with tester you should put atleast 3.0 or more, if not you will have to load it manually. If this fails to work See if the device shows signs of water. if so you will have to give maintenance with a diluent to dry fast, Alcohol, thinner etc.

PS: Sorry for my bad English

Hi, i also have same problem with you, now my M1 note can not be switch on at all.
Can you help / share to me how to fix it ?, i think the battery is totally drain out. How to recharge manually, because it can not be recharge

@bravohank the phone of my friend Hamxa woke up with a strange trick. You should also try that.
Press power and volume button for few seconds and plug in the charger while buttons are pressed and see how it behaves afterwards.
My another friend’s Galaxy s 6 went dead one day and he told me this method. I asked Hamxa to try on meizu and it worked. I have no idea why it worked but thanks God it did.

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