Got the Pebble Time application installed on my M2 Note and the watch randomly disconnects from the smartphone and usually happens after three minutes or so. This is very disturbing because you cannot get regular updates for the watch apps/watchfaces and also using tracking applications like Runtastic and Runkeeper is a no-go.

As a side note I would like to mention that I do also own a MX4 32GB with the firmware on which the Pebble Time works perfectly; if I update the MX4 to 4.5.4A or 4.5.5A (Lollipop firmwares), I get the same issues as on the M2 Note with 4.5.3A.

Anyone has an idea what could be wrong? I set the application to be active in the Security area for all the time and also permitted it to start at boot time…something tells me that there is something wrong with the Meizu Flyme Lollipop firmware since it works with the same issues on completely different smartphones.