Installing new firmware the easyway or not? + unistalling chinese apps on it.


I have bought an CN verion of Meizu MX5 with chinese software (FlymeOS)
Now i was wondering can i update it to the latest firmware from this site that ‘‘google play’’ works on it properly?

I am coming from Xiaomi (MI) what haves a great and huge community what i think for now is doing better than Meizu.
But i want to try diffrent brands so the MX5 i bought.

Is it easy like on Xiaomi to install the latest version of FlymeOS with ‘‘google installer’’ in AppCenter?
And how to remove all the chinese crap apps? Because the phone isent rooted but i need rootunistaller to to dat.


@theduke1989 Hey :) It’s nice to hear from you.

Yes the Meizu fan club is tiny! Coming from Xiaomi, please be aware that you can not play a custom ROM on your Meizu! Don’t try it, you have to stick to Flyme, for now.

It’s not so hard to install the google play store, do it as you mentioned through the app center and the google-installer.

Depending on what Firmware you run, you may want to change to an A Version.
Or get the Firmware I through a pretty save workaround on your phone.
Have a look here: [Guide] How to install (I) International firmware on your Chinese-mainland Meizu.

In general remove everything you can remove by simple “drag & drop” but don’t root your phone and remove system apps, as this may bring heavy limitations of usability with it.

If you have any questions, please ask or Chat with us, and have a look at the F.A.Q.

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Thank you for your reply.

Uhm i saw the link and its a little bit difficuilt.
You cant install it troufg recoverymode or something??



The devices are locked, it’s not possible to install the International Version on a Chinese Phone, the easy way.

But the difference is little, only some more languages and google apps out of the box. Until recently Firmware A had all languages in it, but for whatever ridiculous stupid reason Meizu removed em! If you are fine with the languages in the Chinese Firmware, it shouldn’t be worth the afford to go to I.

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I see,

Yes there are 4 diffrent version right?

I (International)
A (both)
and two more right.

I tought to installing the A version to bad they removed the dutch languages for me.
Uhm so the only way is trough ADB installing?


Uh! We have a moderator @Kokkie from the Netherlands, btw!

Yeah A and I are pretty alike, but the languages! And the other two are for some Chinese telecommunication companies.

… here once was a sentence :dizzy_face: …
Be aware that the translation of Flyme is poor, at least for my mother tongue (German), though the English translation isn’t super good either.

Edit: removed some bullshit information.

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Well, Dutch was never available AFAIK, so I don’t see the point of installing International firmware. But I don’t really care, I prefer to have my computer stuff in English.

Thank you,

So either English is not great translated?
Uhm so i need to install ROM(A) is the best solution for me. And when i download the latest stable rom from meizufans(a) i can install Google Play etc trough AppCenter right?

I hope it is not so difficult to install it.


@theduke1989 A should be fine for you and about the translations, you will get the meaning of most things, it’s just that they translate their chinese-symbols. The problem here is that a symbol can say much more while taking a lot less space.

and yes just install the google installer through the app-center

Thanks for your kindly reply.

I will receive the phone about a few days. The seller had installed the ‘‘latest rom’’ with Google Play. Hopefully it will not be difficult for me to flash it to other version.

Coming from Xiaomi its a totally complete different system of working :( To bad there are no translators for this OS.

It’s the last time I’m buying à f**** Meizu

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