SMS send&receive problem

my Meizu MX5 from time to time is unable to send text message. I looks like the sms app have no acces to adressbook. I cant see any contacts in the “to” field of sms app. When I enter the telephone number the app doesn’t let me send the message. Does anybody have similiar problem?


@McGramat Hello my friend, we would really appreciate it if you could read the following topic!
click and read this: Q&A Guideline

I’m very sorry - there is no answer in Q&A and previous topics on the forum.
My Flyme OS ver is
Sometime restart helps but sometime it desn’t.
Best regards

Problem solved. The reason is Google Contacts I imported to the phone.
When somebody has more than one entry in Google Contacts (eg. Google Plus profile, private e-mail or alternate phone number) Meizu apps (text app or phone app) hangs during entering this fields. When I unified all the data to one record phone can find them with no problem.
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