Meizu M1 Note missing CZECH language (4.5.5A)

I have a problem that appeared when I upgraded to newest stable version from, I live in Czechia and I was always using Czech language without any problems but now when I wiped phone completely and upgraded to newest firmware (4.5.5A) I can’t found Czech in language settings so I am forced to use English which I dont want to. Please help


so… you need help with what? im confused… =)


@Vašek-Honzík yes as you have discovered, your language is not supported any longer in the Firmware A.

You may go back to your previous firmware, or search the forum for a guide to switch to Firmware 4.5.5I.

Thanks for the answers. This is all known and you can find all the answers you need on this forum in other topics. The search function does the trick.

I would like to ask you to post further questions in the specific topics. I will close this one.

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