Phone Delays when backing from almost anything

Why does the MX4 have 2 - 5 seconds delays when opening an app and backing from an app . For example , whatsapp when you back from a private convo to the main menu , it takes 2 seconds , sometimes more . This is on HIGH PERFORMANCE mode . It’s an octa-core phone so I don’t assume this should happen . Please help .on this . My firmware is

Well, try to upgrade to 4.5.5, the performance is much better and smoother. At least for the MX3 it is.

Meizu MX4 Pro

I think was a bit better (at least for me on my mx4 pro) but i think reflashing your Firmware will solve the Problem

Probably depends on device, on the MX3 the 4.5.5 firmware performs slightly better.

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