Charging and startup issues.

Hello dear forum members,

My friends got me a new Mx5 from china.

the phone worked perfectly two days.

i forgot to charge the phone yesterday and it drained completly.

in the morning i tried to charge the phone.(with its genuie charger and cable).

but i’ve noticed that after an hour of charging.

that the phone wont charge and the notification led is blinking.

and nothing happens, the back of the phone is cold.

and the charger is cold.

the phone wont start when i press the power button.:unamused:

the phone didnt fall or got near water or extreme weather… totaly wierd.

any advice?

waiting for your responses



@elitemagix do you have the possibility to charge the phone with a different charger, or test your charger on another phone.

Modern lithium-ion battery have a deep-discharge protection. I would expect a real MX5 to have it too just like every 300$ device, so the battery should never be an issue in this phone

Depending from where you bought the phone, double check if it is a real one or a cheap fake. Anyway contact your seller and maybe open a claim, this is not supposed to happen after two days!!!

And for the future cycle your battery between 20% to 80% and never let it get less and don’t charge it above.

hello @Ultrametric thank you for the fast reply,

i did a double check with the seller, my friend brought this Meizu mx5 from the Offical Meizu Store in Chengdu (china).

i tried to connect the Usb cable to my computer and again i saw the falshing let but nothing happens.

tried a Oneplus one adapter and i get the same results.

is there anything else you can advice ?

Sometimes when i push the power button it shows me some chinese message with a white Battery icon.


thanking you in advnace,

elite amgix


@elitemagix I don’t no. It’s pretty impossible that the battery of a non faulty device will deeply discharge.

And if your problem is that the phone does nothing. Hmm this could be anything.

Edit: If it’s really only a deep discharged battery, just try to charge it while checking the temperature of the phone. The phone should start as soon it has enough “power”.

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@Ultrametric the notification led light is blinking… what does it mean ?


@elitemagix I don’t know.

Try what I wrote in my edit, try to charge the phone and see how that goes. If it doesn’t work try to plug in and out the charger and charge it a bit more.

The deep charge protection works like this: if the Voltage is too low the phone turns off.
This means for you… if the battery is at a state with low voltage the phone wont start.

@Ultrametric ok, thats exactly what i did, i Tried to charge it for 2 hours. and nothing happens the phone is cold.

i’ve read the “edit”, i will try to charge it over night ? what do you think ?


@elitemagix I don’t know exactly.

There isn’t much you can do, but try to charge it.

It also depends of your charger, it may refuse to charge the thing. Try to charge it with different chargers, best would be something that shows you the amps and voltage.

But as I said before, this should not happen with the battery, in first place. There is something fishy with your phone.

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very wierd, the phone worked perfectly!!!

any other suggestions ? maybe some kind of a special reboot procedure? or a set of buttons.

i dont think it is a “deep discharge” situation, the phone had been discharged for like 10 hours(not days…)

there must be a way…

i dont have a amp and voltage charger… i dont understand the reason to use other chargers., i charged the phone with the original charger and it worked good.

when i usualy connected the phone to the charger it took like a minutes until the phone started to charge. ( the bliking led light was at the begning and then turnedoff when the phone began charging).

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If you can’t charge it and boot it, we can do nothing unfortunately. Only thing you could do is contacting your reseller, but since it is in China, you are basically screwed.

Battery drain should not be the problem. But maybe you could be a battery at aliexpress and try.

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I know i should contact him, but i cant. its in china.:)

all i can do is to go to a local lab’ and ask them for a solution…

i thought that theres other ways…

you guys have meizu’s what does the blinking led light mean ?? (white)

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@elitemagix said:

you guys have meizu’s what does the blinking led light mean ?? (white)

That we have a Meizu phone does not mean we encountered all problems… And we are not a Meizu Helpdesk or connected to Meizu at all. We are just some people with a Meizu phone and therefore amateurs.

You try to open the casing and disconnect and reconnect the battery.

If that does not work there is (probably) no other way to make it work. When you are going to a local lab, there is little chance that they could help you unless they are very inventive. They probably never saw a Meizu phone before in Europe. You could always contact Meizu Support and try, but from our experience they are not helpfull unless you bought the phone at Meizumart.

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@Kokkie thanks for your reply.

do yo have any instructions on how to open the cast? to reach the battery?

Here you have a video on how to dismantle your MX5.

Be careful though, it seems pretty fragile to me…

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thanks vlad,

It looks pretty simple :)

any ways ill try the lab servicies first.

and see what they can do.

i will update you guys! with the results



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