Problems with Music app
Meizu MX4 Pro

Good morning everyone! Yesterday I encountered a big problem with the music app, it instantly crash at the start. Looking into the logcat i found this:

W/System.err(20265): java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.meizu.telephony.MzTelephonymanager
W/System.err(20265): Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Didn’t find class “com.meizu.telephony.MzTelephonymanager” on path: DexPathList[[zip file “/system/framework/android.test.runner.jar”, zip file “/system/priv-app/Music/Music.apk”],nativeLibraryDirectories=[/vendor/lib, /system/lib]]
W/System.err(20265): Suppressed: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.meizu.telephony.MzTelephonymanager

Ther’s someone who know where I can find this fu**ing class?

Well, firmware version? Did you do anything special with your phone. E.g. did you delete/surpress specific Meizu apps which could not be deleted by default?

Well, my advice, reflash firmware. Clear data is not necessary.

Meizu MX4 Pro

Latest 4.5.5I, I deleted only meizu account apk and sync storage, but nothing related to music, and no, I don’t want to reflash.

Well, there you go, you should not delete these apps. You will never know how these are integrated in your system and may cause problems elsewhere.

You have to reflash the firmware, otherwise it will not be solved. You don’t have to clear data, so everything will still be on your phone, so what is your problem with reflashing the firmware? I don’t get it.

Meizu MX4 Pro

Easy, the problem is all the bloatware and system resource angry apps. Well, I’ll download a player from the play store.

Ok, good luck.

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