Edges of the screen

Can anyone confirm that edges of the screen dont allow touchs.I mean I cant press backspace on the keyboard like I do on other phones.Am i the only one who got this issue ?

Edit: I’m using flekys, touchpal and other keyboards among google play.

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Well, you should be able to use the whole screen. Only thing you can do is contact your reseller. Direct Meizu support will not help you unless you bought it at meizumart.

I was on and didn’t have any problem as you said. But i installed the 4.5.5A and the edges problem come up. My problem is the left and right edges of the screen, not bottom or top edges… I talked some M1 Note users forum in my region and some of them has the same problem with me. He has the international version of the phone ( I think this is a software problem (i mean firmware/phone version)

@ozkantut said:

My problem is the left and right edges of the screen, not bottom or top edges.

Same as mine.

I can confirm that also. I think it is a bug in the system 4.5.5. I didn’t have this in the previous version kitkat

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Here I have the same problem…I was installed 4.5.7a and side touches not working good…you should press it hard to work…

Same issue here. On edgs worked fine. Now on 4.5.7A needs to be pressed hard! I read in a comment of 4.5.7A post that this is solved with that firmware, but apparently it’s not true…

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