Where to buy MX4 international version?

hello guys, do you have any idea where i can find and buy mx4 EU version, FDD!? ty ( what version hould i choose from m461, m460)?

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Sorry, but did you do any research yourself? If you did you would know something on the supported frequencies ;).
From where my annoyed reaction? When I read your post I think that you found the MX4 today and immediately decided to have one. Please do some research yourself on the pro’s and cons of Meizu or Chinese phone.

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@Kokkie , ty for your reply, i know about meizu mx4 from the very first day of release( last year sept) , i am asking where i can find a trusted seller because i remember that about 6-7 months ago they all have some international version ( Firmware "i " version or smthg like that ) now i can find only the “A” version or like i said before ( m460, m461- i have no idea what this last numbers means)…correct me if im wrong? …sry for my eng :+1: :) im from ROmania, ( i think i need B1,b3,b7,b20) fdd
-so do you know any EU trused sellers, also i heard about some extra customs fee if i choose DHL shipping method , shipped from CHINA:)

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Well do you see any differences in supported frequencies? No, the versions do not differ on frequencies. Meizu supports only b1,b3 and b7 (1800, 2100 and 2600mHz). If you are in really need of the b20 (800mHz (or 900mHz)) band, you cannot use 4G with a Meizu Phone. You have to look at your provider which frequencies are supported in your area. This can differ per city!

There is basically no difference in I and A versions, other than language support. The I versions supports more languages, but I doubt they support Romanian at all. The I version is only for sale at Meizumart, all other resellers sell A versions. There is a hack to support the I version if you want to, but I don’t like it.

BTW be aware of fake shops which use the brand name of Meizu, like Meizusale.

Well, about customs. Normally you will have to pay them if you buy something from outside Europe. Only the check done by DHL is better than with e.g. China post. But you have to be “lucky”, with China post is more a gamble, DHL you know for sure. And basically avoiding customs tax you are screwing your own government.

You can avoid customs by buying it e.g. at Geekbuying Spain, but you will pay a higher price at the start.

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