Camera performance

hi. i have my m1 note since last week. i am not very impressed with the performance of the 13 mp camera of this phone. the quality of image it produce is OK but i have to keep the phone really steady to get a sharp image. when in indoors and some kids moving around, i capture no kids but only blurred trails. is there anything that can be done, like an upgrade or something make it better???

Which firmware are you on ?

im attaching a screen shot. please see.

To be honest mate, i noticed that 4.5.5A’s camera performance is not as good as The panorama isn’t as good as KK and yesterday when taking pics in dark conditions on 4.5.5A i noticed that the camera couldn’t fix on one colour settings.(what i mean is it couldn’t set the colour according to the light in the room).

thanks dear,
so, what do you suggest ?? should i go back to kk to have better camera performance? in fact i do not experience pretty much difference between the lollipop and kitkat despite the lollipop giving a more stable root.

could i go back to kitkat by just downloading the file and updating the phone with it in the update mode??

This is up to you. Personally, i don’t mind the camera performance as there are other features of LP that wouldn’t make me change.

Yes, It is better if you clear data when going back to KK.

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