Suggestions for better pictures in dark environments.

Can you guys give me some advice on what camera app should I use in order for this phone to achieve higher quality photos in dark environments? I saw a friend of mine owning a cheaper THL phone doing better shots of some fireworks we were attending and she was using some different apps on her phone. Is this camera that bad during low light conditions, or is it just me not knowing how to use it? I did tried the manual mode, I know how to use it, but it was impossible to focus manually on the fireworks, they changed position too fast, and on auto-mode, the focus is very very slow.

Try and search Camera…On Onhax… It seems tailored just for that… Photography is a skill-set that takes a lil while to adjust to. You will realise sometimes you are better at taking wildlife, abstract or whatever shots than others

I discovered my mistake, or I think I did…the flip cover was the one causing half the photo to become sort of hazy, mostly in dark environments where I was using the flash. As soon as I removed the phone from the flip cover things were ok. Thank you very much for the reply, I am currently using different camera apps.


hmm only Apple and the LG G4 have great low light performance, what might get even better with a different camera app.

Forget every other phone, in those conditions, no matter how expensive it may be! But anyway, those are phones and not cameras, they will never replace a proper equipment.

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