Meizufans 4.0 - Changelog

For people interested into web technologies we are realsing a few more informations about our website.


Software Stack

  • !NEW! NGINX recompiled with Google PageSpeed Plugin
  • !NEW! Replaced PHP 5.6 with HHVM 3.8.0
  • Improved Redis security
  • Improved MariaDB security/performance
  • Improved SSH security
  • Improved NGINX security, regards TLS

Hardware Stack

  • Moved server into the Cloud
  • Download Server was re-configured
  • All servers moved to Germany (HostEurope)
  • Improved connection to 10GBits
  • !NEW! CDN in more than 17 countries

Frontpage & Shop

  • Transfered Ghost to WordPress
  • Redesigned front page
  • New logo, thanks to @samanen
  • New FAQ page
  • Improved Shop performance


  • Upgraded nodeBB to 0.8.1 release
  • Added Q&A topics
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Canned responses

!NEW! Firmware Archive

  • Firmware server is now able to be accessed over the web

Planned features & improvements:

  • Dedicated Mobile App / Shortcut (Done)
  • Add anoynmous feedback site
  • Newsletter (Done)
  • Improve forum layout (Done)
  • Improve FAQ page (Next)
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Update 24.09.15:
Forum layout
I have improved the forum layout a bit, now all sections have the same colors and icons, which means:
Green (Lifebelt) = Q&A
Blue (Gear) = Firmware
Red (Box) = Apps
Yellow (Wrench) = Rooting & Modding

I hope that this helps new users to feel more comfortable.

Open Beta.


Feedback site
Status unknown - will be done as one of the last things.


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noticed that for last… i dont know maybe 5 days… i do not get any notifications about new posts in Watched threads/sections just now checked… “Unread” indicator was not red but if i enter it i can see that some topics got reply recently… that i didnt read or didnt marked as read.


one more thing… will be nice to see more format codes/options… ( like Bold/ italic/ List and all that stuff that makes your topic looks better) simple example as some simple colors will be nice when you make a Firmware Update log and want it to look nice with headlines etc…

Thanks for your great site mate!


Thanks :)
But we (or at least me) should thank the Ghost and NodeBB theme for their great work.

Some changes:

  • NEW! 500GB SSD from OCZ (beta)
  • NEW! 16GB DDR4 3600MHz
  • NEW! Intel Xeon E5 4669 v3


  • NEW! HTTP/2 support thanks to NGINX 1.9.5
  • UPDATED! HHVM 3.10.0
  • UPDATED! MariaDB 10.1.7
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  • Moved all firmwares to GDrive (+150GB :disappointed_relieved:) and replaced over 200 links by hand
  • Improved forum layout a bit
  • Reconfigured HTTP/2
  • NEW! IPv6 Only

Update 2:

  • Improved Forum Design
  • Improved Ad placement
  • Improved front end performance
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  • Updated Forum Software
  • Updated NodeJS
  • New front page layout
  • New forum UI
  • Fixed posting bug
  • Fixed styling bugs
  • Added Spoiler function
  • Updated Mobile App
  • Removed Shop
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  • !NEW! App users will automatically receive notifications as soon as new firmwares were added onto our server!
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Updated Firmwares page
  • Fixed spoiler bug
  • Optimized meta tags
  • Added direct link from forum to home
  • Added icons for Register & Login
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  • Updated forum software
  • Improved performance
  • Removed Imgur (we currently have an issue with their API, therefore reupload all your avatars/images.)
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