Meizu to release MX5 Pro Plus at 23rd

still i think its not gonna be so premium phone as MX4 Pro was… its gonna be 1080p… so i hope we will see some surprises under the hood that will overcome qhd display absence…
the thing i like is how its gonna be called - Meizu Pro 5
sounds good…

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1080p is more than enough, everything else eats up the battery for no reason :D
Everything above 330ppi is great for the eye! Everything above 500ppi is just a battery eater, for no benefit.

I am looking forward to this.

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@Ultrametric agree with you here… sure 1080 is all we need but its a Pro device line… that will be much more expensive that normal one… as it was with MX4 and MX4 Pro… those two models were truly mid and high devices in terms of Mainstream and Premium… at least you could calculate for what you paying for if you buy a Pro version… like PPI/resolution/audio chip and such things… i guess right now it will be just difficult to choose… so far the only thing we know for sure is that it will be powerful device by SoC is in there… well and more RAM ofc…


@Latstyle right, you have some good arguments there :)

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