Delete call log


I cannot delete the call log in my Meizu M2.

I cannot see any option to do it. How can I do it? Thank you

Meizu Pro 6

Long-press an entry in your call log that you want to delete. You then get into a selective mode where you can select more entries or all of them (press the number in the top right corner).

Then press the Delete icon…

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If you are willing to delete call log from your Meizu M2 permanently then it is very important that you deleted the call logs from your phone permanently so that no one can ever access it. In this case, you should try some effective third party tool that will never let you recover deleted call logs ever. However, you can also try SafeEraser for Android. This tool will let you erase data such as call logs, messages, contacts, calendar history, email, note, reminders, etc from android devices. Just try it once and get all your call logs information deleted forever. For more information, please log on to:

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Generally speaking, when you touch the "Delete" button to delete call log from Phone, they are not completely wiped off from phone. In this situation,
I got a solution for you, you can have a try the Safewipe. It is a good-to-use software are able to erase all the files including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, ebooks, note and so on. Just get it from Google.

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No matter what phone data that you want to delete , they are can be back from phone , this is can’t deny the fact that, unless the data was erased from phone completely, you can try the Erasephone tool to delete or erase everything from phone

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