Keyboard Cursor Bug in all Flyme versions

i saw it:
“Users will also find that when using a 3rd party keyboard on some apps, like Hangouts for instance, that trying to fix a word or move the cursor simply doesn’t work. You need to put the keyboard away to move the cursor, and it has something to do with the built-in system keyboard on the phone. Gaining root access and removing the system keyboard completely fixes the issue, or you could just use the built-in keyboard if that works well enough for you. This is a bug that is known and will hopefully be fixed in a future update as well.”

So somebody can help us telling what files that we needs to delete for we can get the swftkey or other keyboard working good? without the cursor bug*?


@psycmos If you have the time, please create a tutorial for the general section:
I will delete the other topic and move this topic, to the general chat.

thanks!! Let see if somebody can help us!


@Ultrametric said:

@psycmos If you have the time, please create a tutorial for the general section:
I will delete the other topic and move this topic, to the general chat.

I think the method shown here is quite known.
The actual issue is the correction function of other keyboards (red underlined words).

So, what should be uninstalled exactly?
Noone has done it yet?
I bought the Meizu M2 mini and this is a really important bug…

The only flyme vesion without the keyboard cursor bug, was the leak flyme version Flyme 4.5.2A:


FLYME 4.5.2A-
Upgrading the system version to Android 5.0.1;
Upgrade the baseband version;
Modify the desktop icon layout;
Lock screen
Under optimal state of charge of the lock screen to hide the drop-down notification bar charging animation, optimization status bar drop-down speed;
Intelligent switching to optimize the efficiency of leather;
New number segment display;
New contact details page to increase “Blacklist” and “Delete contacts” entry;
Optimization of call recording and contact details of the default Flyme telephone call;
Optimization of the contact name in the space reserved field;
Optimization yellow frame number identification;
OPTIMIZATION ON hides the status bar icon message recording;
Optimization ringtones crescendo effect;
Optimization of experience driving mode;
Optimization of the shielding limit some features power saving mode dial
Modify cancel SMS landscape mode;
Set up
New Immersive status bar switch;
Under the new set a password lock screen clear user data to verify a password lock screen;
New screen lock, document locking area, apply encryption password separately;
When modifying playing music into the “sound and vibration” screen, the music will not stop playing;
Modify the automatic light sensing logic optimization;
Modify guest mode optimization needs;
New import function watercress Red song;
You can delete the local file is removed when the new music;
New Dirac HD Sound support five new headphones (Etymotic ER4P, AKG Y16, AKG 420, Beyerdynamic DT1350, Sennheiser MX375);
Browse new geographic classification;
Added subfolder support rapid selected;
Modify album service switched to Ali cloud cloud album, offers unlimited storage space;
New Tudou video resources;
New suspension player supports intelligent docking window edge;
Added by Home “more” can jump directly to the channel list pages;
New player record support cloud synchronization;
Hot column layout optimization;
Added Today’s headlines with large data collaboration, only recommend the article you’re interested in;
Added support for clicking links to articles after the jump to share reading application;
Security Center
Optimizing application cleanup new display all applications;
Optimization garbage clean-up support for each individual small garbage clean-up;
Optimization boost a key test speed;
Optimization of the cleaning process;
Optimization of garbage scan progress ring;
Low battery optimization tips when entering the power saving mode, automatic cancellation prompted connect the power;
Standby power management to optimize the cloud updates the whitelist support;
After optimization of standby power consumption management to clean up the application, there will first clean up the alert message;
Modify the standby power management is no longer clean up the Task Manager application has been locked;
Application Center
New list “filter has been installed” support;
Optimal adjustment of the “new machine boots” for the squared style;
Optimal adjustment “search hot words list” is a list of style;
Optimize the application update process;
Domestic services
Add a personal center of the interface the new design;
Add new travel services interface design, adding real-time car and walk navigation features;
Added function to bind movie tickets arrived in price;
Add a personal center order management;
Upgrade to amend High German library;
Add notification bar shows the alarm sounds, click Display alarm bomb box support or turn off the alarm;
New alarm list increase display a reminder of the time;
New lock screen alarm sounds in case the weather is not installed automatically call the system lock screen;
Optimization optimize storage services to enhance the upload speed;
Modify cloud dish service switched to Ali cool disk, cloud storage space 40T;
Added support topic Special function;
New e-mail conversation mode;
New e-mail attachment management interface;
Modify allows the user login name with spaces;
Optimized video playback directly into full-screen mode;
Modify most visited site display logic;
Modify dialog box to adjust the share icons, text layout;
When modifying BT download movie resource, filename suffix adjusted .torrent;
Input Method
Added hide keyboard;
The weather
New wind power, wind, travel index, air humidity display;
Game Center
Modify “silent install the upgrade package” switch by default;
Optimization through headphones and loud volume buttons to adjust both 15, supports finger drag trimming;
Added Taobao account binding;

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