How to Write a Post in Phone Discussions Sections?
Meizu m2 note

Helly Guys,

I want to ask some questions related Meizu m2 note. I created this account but I found I can post only in few categories: Accessories, General Chat, Marketplace, Photography.

Anyone please help me to ask on Meizu m2 note Q/A section?


That’s strange, since other people posted in these categories, so it should be possible.

@AOKP: Can you take a look at the permissions?

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They are correct, will check this later.

No issues were found. I guess you simply didn’t selected the Q&A section, therefor you couldn’t post.

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Meizu m2 note

@Kokkie, @AOKP Thanks to kind reply.

I have no option to select the Q&A section. Please refer to my screen capture (see red boxes). When I chose “General Chat” section, it posted at General Chat section (and I deleted it.) I also tried different internet browsers (Chrome and IE).



That is the Q&A section.

I think I now understand your issue. Hope my pictures help you a bit.

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