Battery Issue and Questions

So I recently bought the meizu m2 note. While playing around with it the phone
battery was at 61%. I restarted my phone and the battery is now 18%? Is it also safe to use a samsung charger on a meizu m2 note? My reseller sent me the wrong plug and I can’t charge with the same charger.

I guess you will have to calibrate your battery. You can find examples with the search function. (sorry don’t have time write a complete answer now)

If it is not a fast charger, then it is completely safe. Fast chargers run at a higher voltage, which could possibly damage your phone, but the phone would also not respond to it. Look at your charger and if it operates at 5V then you are safe.

Meizu MX4

The Meizu m2 note charger is 5v rated at 2A. As long as the samsung charger is 5V then its fine. If the A is lower then your phone will charge slower. It takes 2hours 25mins for full charge on my meizu m2 note with the supplied charger. You might aswell buy an adapter, you can get them very cheap online. My seller provided me with one.

You may want to use the phone until it discharges completely then recharge it switched off till its full. That normally helps with the calibration and also prolongs the battery life in the long term. I think there are apps which can help you calibrate the battery aswell by deleting the battery stats, something like that anyway.


@AnimeZXY Also don’t unplug it as soon as it has 100%, wait a bit more, usually the battery isn´t really full right away.

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