Contacts App drains the Battery

Can anyone help me with this problem. The contacts application takes half of the battery. I don´t know why. I killed it and the related applications too (phone, user dictionary…) but it takes no effect, it starts over and over again. Screenshot bellowS50908-083234[1].jpg

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Edited the title, and will write the same as before.

Try to perform a clean upgrade and clear the data.

@Ultrametric Thank you, but i did a clean update with cleaning all data.


@Nazgul568 are you at the newest firmware

And please provide more information, about what you did with the phone and when it occurred.

If you have no more information, please do perform a clean upgrade do not install anything to the phone and uninstall nothing from the phone. Use the phone for one day and post a screenshot of the battery usage.

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@Ultrametric 4.5.3A - yes, i´m. I did the clean update twice, but I´ll do it again, maybe it hepls.


@Nazgul568 leave it as it is right after the upgrade at least for some hours, add your contacts and things or your google account if you use it. but don’t install too much or manipulate your phone from the default settings.

let’s see how it behaves then.

Hi,i have similiar problem,i have 4.5.4 I version,sync on everything is turned off and still have battery drain from contacts related,my phone worked perfectly for about 10 days and then i notice that drain and i freaking out about this problem,

Does anyone have answer for this problem?

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