Network of O2 Germany

I have a problem with the network of O2 Germany,I can not connect to a 4G.
3G network operates without any problems.
I was checking the SIM card on another phone and working there 4g
The phone has software versions
Is it the fault of the software?
The second sim card of another operator T-Mobile does 4G.


@Jon1915 what phone do you have? and did you check the bands, before buying the phone. I know that most Chinese-Phones miss the 800MHz, what are quite important in Germany and O2 uses it.

now without knowing what phone you have, it’s not possible to tell you if it is faulty.

But all chinese phones, do support the roaming-bands, so try to activate roaming.

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It is a fault of yourself I guess. Not all the 4G frequencies used in Germany are supported by Meizu Phones. Meizu only supports the 1800, 2100 and 2600 mHz frequencies. These frequencies are only in used in highly populated areas. German providers make also use of 800 and 900 mHz frequencies. These are used for large area coverage, but are not supported by Meizu phones.

Where do you live BTW? Maybe you figure out which frequencies are used by providers in your region. In The Netherlands we got a nice website for it, maybe you can find one in Germany too. My German is not good enough to do a quick search ;).

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@Jon1915 said:

I have MEIZU MX5

Just to make sure, our story does not depend on the specific model.

I used before the iPhone 5 and elephone p6000, the 4G network worked without any problems


@Jon1915 If you have a close look on the specifications you will see the differences between those phones. If you would like to discuss this a bit more feel free to chat with me in German.

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