Where to buy MX4 Pro screen?

my screen is cracked :(

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@ali.loz You should be able to replace, it I didn’t do it on a MX4Pro but some other phones.

If you think you are able to replace it, find a seller you trust at ebay or alliexpress and order it.
Or contact your seller, maybe he has one for you.

You should be able to find a dear down youtube video of this, or just ask a friend of you / local store do perform the screen replacement for you.

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@Ultrametric the problem we dont have a seller in arab countrys and we only have amazon … is there any where i can buy it instead of amazon …
sorry for my bad english
thanks :)


@ali.loz your english is good :D so far, no need to be sorry.

just as example try the following: ebay.com/mx4 pro display
or here from aliexpress: aliexpress.com/mx4 pro display

Be careful and don’t trust every seller. Double check how long the shop exists and how many customers they had and how happy the customers were.

Here are some youtube-vidoes of the andventure ahead of you: Disassembly Meizu MX4 Pro
and this one for the MX4: MX4 screen replacement Manual

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