Phone does not boot.

Hello Meizu Fans!

I got my MX4 some days ago from aliexpress and my first impression was positive:
Good looking, and nice screen…

Then I started to set it up for my needs:
Autoupdate to 4.5.4
nova launcher
play store
root + supersu
app and data restore with titanium backup
configure pebble watch
all was working…

Then after some hours the first crash, and from this time on it was getting worse and worse.
In the end the phone wasn’t booting properly and i started recovery and made a reset + update to 4.5.5 via zip file

Here again… setup… Some hours it was working but then the phone crashed again for the first time.
First I thought it crashed when GPS was active but the it wasn’t able to boot to the desktop. Then it was getting worse again and the crashes came more often.

Right now I’m in the situation that the phone is completely dead!
I can’t press and hold the power button to reset the device
I’ can’t go to recovery.
Even when I connect the USB charger everything is dead as a stone.

Today I opened the cover and unplugged the battery from the mainboard to “hard reset” the device but still nothing. even no Meizu logo or screen backlight.

Please please tell me what can I do?

I opened a aliexpress disput and the seller tolled me to get 12$ for a new accu. WTF?! I don’t think thats a accu problem because the accu was working properly at the beginning of each update.

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@fpdragon It sounds like your phone is faulty, thread the shop with a paypal dispute and see how that helps you.
I don’t know where you got the phone, but there are some shops out there that re-sell not repaired broken phones.

Or try to have a clean phone, clear all data upgrade using a and don’t modify your flyme. This is only to be sure it’s the phone that’s faulty and not one of the steps you did after the update.

Both of the listed things are pretty equally likely, it could be one of the things you did or a faulty phone.

Edit: F*** ME! I read the last part now, it looks like they shipped you not reparied B-Ware, some shops e.g. Tinydeal is known to do this.

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thanks for your answer.
I will try to get a refund but I have no idea how this ends…

right now the phone is dead and I can’t do anything with the buttons or the battery…


@fpdragon yeah I read it!
Did you pay with paypal? Tell the store that you will sent all the talks you had with the seller to paypal, usually those shops are afraid to lose the paypal support and might give in to some pressure.

And … what I have learned from the Aukey Int. Ltd groupe (efox-shop, coolicool … ) is that these chinese shops like to make you wait, tell you a lie and kindly ask you to wait. If you have a trouble they will make you some offers before actually doing what you want from them.

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aliexpress is like the ebay from china and comes from the alibaba company. so it is big and should be a clean company I guess.
I payed with credit card and aliexpress stands as a trustee if there comes no agreement.
We will see…
Right now, I have the offer of 12$ xD for a dead product I’ve payed about 200€

I was hoping that there is still chance to find a technical solution.


@fpdragon Credit Card is great, contact your bank!

Hmm other than this it’s hard to say, you did quite a lot with the device. I would ask if it charged, like if the battery is completely exhausted, if you noticed something like this.

But the thing is, if we would pin it down to the battery, like why doesn’t the GPS work. And how to the other crashs fit in.

And the last edit :P You spend 200€ for this thing, so it better be working without you opening it or replacing any part of the hardware! That’s at least what I would expect of a brand new device.

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Well just to make sure. You tried to plug in the charger and left it charging for an hour, afterwards you tried to boot the phone with charger cable plugged in?

Phone was plugged in for a night and then I tried to turn it on while it was plugged in.


@fpdragon so far you have no progress?

no… no progress :-(

The seller offered me a discount of 12$ to buy a new battery.
I denied this offer and wrote that I want a full refund. I guess he won’t pay, so it will escalate to Aliexpress.

On the technical side the phone is dead as a stone. It doesn’t even get warm when I plug it in to a charger. Maybe I will measure the battery voltage later so I can definitely say that there is no battery problem.

What a mess :-(

I really would like to have a working meizu but this situation is so disapointing…


@fpdragon thread him with the credit card, tell him you contacted your bank. And that it is not the battery.
I would assume for the price of 200€ they shipped you B-Ware and the seller knows very well that the phone doesn’t work.

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