unable to access play store after updating firmware

hi, i did an update to my m1 note with the flyme version 4.5.5 A. everything works fine except i cannot log into play store. it says check your connection and try again while i do have an active internet connection. what to do?? :?


how did you upgrade it and did you come from Android KitKat? Did you clear the data along with the update?

Did you remove any system application and what else did you do after the upgrade, before the upgrade.

hii… :)
i just downloaded the update .zip file from here, copied it int y phone and did the update. yes my phone was previously kit kat. and i did not erase or clear anything before the update. now when i turn the phone on, it shows a message " wrong architecture". i tried to install the newer version of google play services afterwards, and uninstalled the existed play store from my phone. i cannot install the new play services i downloaded… so. presently i am not having play store in my phone…


@balubrpm there you have the problem. update again and select “clear data” .

But also the wrong architecture is when you try to install a 32Bit google play store on the 64Bit system.

Did you install the play store through the App-Center?

hi… got it Ultrametric… thanks a lot dude… now its all fine… thank you…

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