Change notification volume via volume keys

I can’t figure out how to set my volume keys to change the notification/call volume as well
it seems to only change the media volume and its super annoying to either have to mute the notifications or have them playing as loud as possible.

Assuming your OS is Flyme 5+, go to setting, Sound and vibration, Volume.
You can adjust the System and notification apart from Ringtone or Media.

Meizu Pro 5

My problem is that by pressing volume keys of the phone you adjust media volume instead of ringtone volume (at all the other smartphones I had, the volume keys were related to ringtone volume only, not to media volume). Is there any way I can change that for Meizu smartphone?

I’m trying to use Flyme Tools to troubleshoot this problem without success. I have a MX5 phone. This is totally odd.

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