on screen softkeys

hi, is there any ways to have an on screen menu button for this device? i am trying to use this swiss army knife app, and i cannot access the menu in any tools that the app provide. therefore i am unable to calibrate the tools… please help…
thank you…


I remember discovering a shortcut for menu button in Flyme back in the days when I had a MX3… If I remember correctly it’s either inside the (drag-down) notification panel (somewhere a “…” icon, in the top maybe?) or just comes up by tapping the time in the top bar of your screen (this might only work in landscape though). Oh boy how my memory sucks, but let me know if you can find anything.

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u can root your phone
install exposed + flyme tools
There u can set up each button.
For menu i have set long press home button for menu.

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