Device Encryption?

Hey, i want to buy a m2 note, but i need device encryption for my business-mails.
Can anyone look on his device if meizu has implemented it on this device?

I think it’s in settings -> security or storage.
Thank you!

Meizu MX4

I’m not sure about device encryption but there is an option for file encryption. You have to enable the vault, set a passcode, and then you can acces the vault via the doucments app, you have to put the passcode in to enter the folder.

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encryption is possible , you just can’t find a UI for it.

[Edit] UI doesn’t work, it brings up an encryption Activity that actually never start the process , Use TERMINAL METHOD

wondering around i discovered there’s actually a UI to launch it use adb shell or using an app

NOTE!! i needed to use the escape charter \ on the $ on my linux shell

am start -S\$CryptKeeperSettngsActivity

easier way is to use install the app Activity Lancher

- tap on the activity to launch it

i HAVE NOT tried encryption via UI, so let me know ( i bet pwd doen’t have to be hex this way)


What’s needed:

  • Screen password
  • root
  • jackpal Terminal Emulator (F-droid or github)

Go to Settings->Security and enable Screen Password , you can choose between pin password pattern

Choose whatever fits your needs

SIDENOTE! It’s strongly recommended to possibly avoid weak pin, combinations, passwords and choose a strong complex password or pattern. This is in order to not being exposed to offline brutefoce attacks (Law Enforcer, Nsa,…)

Encryption :

  • encrypts the /data partition (only user data, all other partitions aren’t involved, the external sdcard doesn’t get encrypted )

  • it may take a bit depending on the size of the partition (actually it encrypts only used blocks) so less used storage =faster encryption.

the command syntax is vdc cryptfs enablecrypto <wipe|inplace> default|password|pin|pattern [passwd]

  • You can encrypt /data keeping it’s content (slower) using inplace
  • delete it’s content and encrypt it (faster) using wipe

since lollipop vdc accepts only passwords in hex format, you’ll have to use a string to hex converter in order to convert your password of choice

Ex. hex convertion
Hello becomes 48656c6c6f

How :

open the terminal emulator (grant root when requested) and type:

vdc cryptfs enablecrypto inplace password hex_choosen_pwd

this will reboot your device and the encryption process will start don’t mind the progress bar going over 100%.

Once the encryption process is done, your system will reboot and prompt you to enter your password form the system stock keyboard (in String form, no Hex here)

when i used adb shell after issuing the command device restarted and shell got dropped as result the encryption didn’t start. I guess adbd was killed and all it’s sub-shell???


The last issue:

[Edit] This step is no longer needed on Flyme beta A (tested)

At this point lock-screen password will be the same as the disk encryption password. Having to type a long password every time to unlock your screen can get frustrating really fast..

You can set a different locks-creen password

Go to Settings->Security and set you’re screen password (NOTE! the UI will set this password also as the decryption one :weary: )

Fix the decryption password command syntax is
vdc cryptfs changepw default|password|pin|pattern [decryption_pwd]

again in the terminal emulator:

vdc cryptfs changepw password hex-pass

Well everything should be fine, and ready for daily use. **REMEMBER** that forgetting the decryption password means no way to access the device (no adb), leaving you only to wipe the phone form recovery.


Every rom update will lead to a wipe of your /data partition (even if you didn't tick "clear data" checkbox!!)

this mean that you will have to encrypt again your device after every upgrade and make a backup of your data and copy it to your PC or external storage

(backup folder is stored /data), which means it will be wiped during the upgrade

More knowledge:

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