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Stable or beta

If you looked in the firmware section you would already know the answer. Thereby the International versions of the firmware are usually stable, since beta firmwares are only launched as A versions. For information on experience and bugs; please go to this topic.

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i have installed OTA update …its stable…listed in flyme…working fine as international firmware on MX5

@rhita5 Did you successfully instal ota update from i ? Do you have international version of the phone? Or do you update to via “hack” over adb, or terminal? I was on A, updated to “i” and firmware was corrupted when i tried ota update to :D I updated to again via “hack”

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@vasil1234 yes iam update from terminal emulator friend.

Thats good news :+1: So, if we upgrade via terminal or adb we will receive ota updates after that. Is that it?

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