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Hello everyone,

Is there anyone who are having problems to select a sound for notifications like gmail or whatsapp? I have tested the following situations

  • select Mute -> going back -> enter in sound again -> default ringtone is selected

  • select any sound -> going back -> enter in sound again -> the sound after the one you selected is selected.

  • select last sound -> going back -> enter in sound again -> nothing selected

Only if you select the default ringtone you have the correct behavior.

This issue is very anoying. I have to mute all sounds because of the whatsapp groups that they are always ringing.

This issue occurs on, and (all A versions at least).


Meizu MX5

@GuiJes86 yea, it happens to me too on

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What you can do is to go settings, set the default notification to mute then in WhatsApp, choose group notification to default and you will not get any sound from a group.
This way you will affect any other sound settings for Sms, and individual WhatsApp.

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