As Meizufans is growing it is time to create some basic rules.
Most users (99,9999%) follow these anyway.

  • Only use English on our forums
    This does not only helps others to understand your posts, it also increases the chances that someone might know the answer to your specific question. However, even if your English skills might not be so good you still should TRY and even if it is machine translated.
    Excepted from this rule are of course the international sections.

  • Be friendly to other members
    Most importantly it is how you behave to others. Coursing in general is allowed! Yet you may not insult anyone. All in all just be sure that your behavior is not offending anyone else.

  • No advertisement
    This rule is self-explaining. You can of course link to any website you want, but you may not use affiliate links, except an administrator or moderator allowed you to do so.

  • No spamming
    One topic for your issues is enough. Of course you can still open as many topics as you want, however it would be more efficient to put all your problems into one thread – if you face several ones at a time.

  • No hotlinking
    This rule is more interesting for website owners. Feel free to link to this website, however do not hotlink! Meizufans uses a CDN to deliver its files, therefor you would only raise costs for us with the bandwith consumed. And yes, we WILL backtrace the traffic and put you into charge for the consumed bandwith.

What will happen if I do not follow the rules listed above?
No worries first of all. If we see a problem we will contact you and see how to resolve it. In the history of Meizufans only 2 users were banned (+ a few spambots), however these are very extreme cases, which occur rarely.