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Everytime when i capture a video it zooms in a bit… Its pretty Strange but does anyone know how to disable that? Or am i the only one which this issue?

First of all: firmware version?

What do you mean by zooming? When you are in photo mode and hit the recording button, you see that the phone is zooming just on screen and is the zooming factor the same? I got the same with my MX3, but it is only because the screen ratio is changed. I don’t see actual zooming. Or is the zooming factor changed when you hit the recording button?

The first is probably just due to the differences in screen ratio between photos (2:3) and video (16:9). If it is the second option, let us know.

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Meizu MX4 Pro

mx4 pro flyme - if i capture a video it seems that the objects are closer than on the photo… mabye its because of the ratio 4;3 - 16:9 hmm

In case you are still wondering, this is normal. It happens with all devices. I can speculate why it happens but I don’t want to lie to you.


@Marios-YouknowWho I got the same impression, so we both do believe the same thing! What is your speculation why it happens?

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I suspect the video recorder does not use the full width and height of the sensor for the captured frames that the user can see. What we see is what the inner part of the sensor captures and the outline is used for digital image stabilization. If you capture a photo then remove the top and bottom to change the aspect from 4:3 (=sensor aspect ratio) to 16:9 and then further crop (with locked 16:9 aspect ratio) so that the full width is not used, it is expected to see a smaller part of that photo. And since that photo is displayed in a screen of the same size, it looks as if zoomed in. I might be wrong though.
(I’m not sure if I make any sense)

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it happens to all cameras with a lot of MPixels

@Marios-YouknowWho your first sentence perfectly describes what is happening. This is extremely common for all video capture devices.

Meizu MX4 Pro

Ok thanks to all who explained it to me ;)

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