New M2, so many questions...
Meizu m2

Hi, I just got my new M2 (mini). I asked the store to install Play store and they did, but it crashed on opening. Trying to set a Google account (in settings) also crashed.
After reading tutorials on this site (Thanks!), we managed to root, install busybox and install a different version of Google play services, so now I can open Play store, BUT nothing is downloaded.
It remains on “downloading” status forever…
We couldn’t get the driver to work on Win7 so we couldn’t upgrade Flyme… :-(

I can’t have the “download” app that came with the phone to download, too. I get a message saying “Download is disabled” and I don’t know how to enable it.

So now I’m stuck. I can’t install apps (from play store or elsewhere), can’t upgrade, and the phone is almost useless as a smartphone.

How do you delete sms messages? I got them under the “Notices” section and there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete them. Weird.

Please help. This phone seems so nice, but I can’t get it to be more then a camera-phone.

Thank you


@yoshcat Hey :)

I have heard that the shops only put the 32-Bit playstore on phones regardless of the architecture. I do assume that this is your problem with the playstore, so don’t worry there. All you should have to do is install the right ones.

But the way how you usually do it, or how I did it on the M1 note what is a 64Bit phone and MX4 Pro is the following.
If you want google you just install it through the google installer in the meizu app-store thing.

If you just got your phone, try to start fresh get a firmware clear all data and install the firmware using the phone-recovery mode.
Do not mess with your phone as the bootloader is looked and all basic ‘upgrade ways’ may brick your phone.

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Meizu m2

@Ultrametric Thanks for the quick reply!
I don’t have anything that looks like a Meizu-appstore on my phone.
And by “start fresh” - do you mean do a “factory reset”?
(I’m sorry for the dumbness. I’m an iPhone user…)


@yoshcat said:

@Ultrametric Thanks for the quick reply!
I don’t have anything that looks like a Meizu-appstore on my phone.
And by “start fresh” - do you mean do a “factory reset”?
(I’m sorry for the dumbness. I’m an iPhone user…)

Okay let’s see. This is the appcenter: appcenter.png
there you just go in and install the google installer, here is a tutorial: google-apps-tutorial

You could do a factory reset but I would suggest to install a new Firmware and clear all old data, and perform this from the Recovery mode. Just because the store you bought it installed things on your phone, and did who knows what with it!

The basic upgrade is:

  • copy the you downloaded from here: m2_note_stable_4.5.3.1A into the root directory of your phone (so the base directory, not inside of a folder!)

  • poweroff the device and hold power + volume up, to enter the recovery mode

  • in there you select clear data and upgrade it. (Clear data will delete your emails, contacts and more on your phone)

But don’t feel forced to upgrade, if you get the App Center running and that makes you happy, leave the phone as it is :)

No need to be sorry!

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Meizu m2

There is no App Center on my phone.
It’s probably my fault, because I asked the store to remove Chinese Appstore and install Google play (which is my custom request, but apparently not suitable for the ROM Meizu writes… our other Chinese androids have a clean stock OS).

So I guess an upgrade of some sort will be mandatory. I’ll try and post the results.

@Ultrametric, you’re a life saver! I really appreciate all your help!

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@yoshcat If they removed Flyme System-Apps you should or must install a new firmware. Those apps are deeply bound to the Flyme-OS-Android system, uninstalling those things will bring issues with it.

Meizu m2 note

Sounds like you bought a fake Meizu phone,has been known to happen.


@dryandra This could be true, but doesn’t have to be… some stores like the Aukey group claim to have it in stock, that shop wont sell fake things.

We will see anyway :D if there is a meizu recovery mode and it’s possible to flash the firmware it is very likely a real device.

Meizu m2

Here’s the update I promised:
First, I was happy to discover that the phone is indeed genuine :relaxed: , (this is an answer to @dryandra)
I updated the phone as well as cleaning it and in return got back the App Center, but also a lot of other Chinese crapware… (just stashed them in a folder for now).

Installed Google apps and got the Play store.

I tried to reject some of the permissions with the built-in permissions manager - off course you can’t. Google’s stuff will not function unless you pay your pound of flesh…

So now we have a nicely working smartphone, The kid already has WA and Instagram running and he’s chatting with his friends, happy as can be.

Thanks again for all the help @Ultrametric, couldn’t have done it without you! :sparkles:


@yoshcat everything you can uninstall by dragging, is save to be uninstalled! Get rid of as much Chinese apps as you can. Flyme wont allow you do uninstall important stuff the simple way, no worries about this :D

hello guys can someone tell me abou the sar value of the phone?


@alekos000 no idea, but when you make a new topic… with a titel like “sar value of m2”… people may read the topic title and … well might answer.

If you hide your question very well deep in the forum, nobody may ever find it :P

Hi, I have the same problem as Yoshcat, I cannot install anything and my Meizu came without a Meizu App store (I have the google play buy I cant install anything there, stuck at downloading).

I also cant download the firmware… it times out at 10mb to 150mb… any help? Can anyone send me the latest firmware file?


@Jesús-Montiel-Maillo did you tried to download the firmware over your PC maybe and then put it on your phone?
Be sure to get Flyme for your m2.

Hi @yoshcat , i have the same problem as your. Pls let me know how you updated to return back App Centr?

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