Meizu M575M or M575U?

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Dear forum members. I want to buy MX5 and I’m stupid. What’s different about version M575M and M575U? Is the difference is only on the software and also technically different? I am Polish and I would like to be the Polish language, and to act in our frequencies of GSM / WCDMA / LTE. I know M575M have software A / C / U and M575U has the software with the symbol I. Which version should I choose for themselves ??


M is China Mobile
U is China Unicom

The only difference are the Bands, yes
I would suggest you try to get hands on a International Version, but nobody here would be able to tell you what version this is!

Or you get a chinese version and use international fw install guide to get the polish language on your phone.

If you are very patient you could wait until I get my “supposed to be an international” version from gearbest, but that might not happen before October :P

Are you sure that M575U can run the International Firmware I?

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**here’s the closeup pic of my phone box. By cross checking the frequencies with that of Poland networks , most of them are compatible except the the one highlighted in yellow in the following picture. **


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Thank you very much.
Look at this picture version M575U looks like it has much less frequency.!

Mod edit, away with that picture.

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@Przemysław-Olejniczak said:

Thank you very much.
Look at this picture version M575U looks like it has much less frequency.BlurImage(1-9-2015 10-20-27).jpg

please remove the pic as I.MEI is still traceable from bar codes

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