Should I be worried?

So guys, here’s the thing, I bought my mx4 pro 6 months ago and after a few days the home button stopped working, but I managed to live with that, I updated flyme OTA, but it said firmware corrupt, so I updated it with my computer and it was fine,but about 2 weeks ago the Phone suddenly started rebooting (bootloop) for a few days and after that it was fine again, but a few days ago it got stuck in a bootloop again, sometimes it would turn off completely and I couldnt turn it back on and it was heating up a lot even though the screen was black like it was turned off .after days of trying to flash new firmware on it I finally gave up and took it to a guy that owns a phone repair shop, today he called me and said I was in deep trouble…i’m getting really worried if my mx4 pro will ever work again??

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Well, we don’t know. But why didn’t you contact your reseller immediately when you home button was not working? I could live with it.

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