Hi, I wanna share with you some userful apps that I have on my m1 Note (tested on 4.5.5A)

  1. Google installer :dollar: free

The most important application, with this you can install Google services and Play Store.

  1. morelocale 2 :dollar: free :white_check_mark: root

Userful application if you have a chinese version of the phone. Morelocale 2 can ‘localize’ in your language most of the meizu applications in the system (Security, Calendar, Browser, etc). The setting menù will remain in english.

  1. Screen Notification :dollar: free :white_check_mark: rootdnpb7gIs.jpg

Great application that lets you to light up your screen when you receive a notification (you can select witch apps). A must have for me!

  1. Weather Timeline - Forecast :dollar: $ 0.69

That’s my favourite weather app, because it uses forecast.io (and I found always the right location) and it’s really clean. I really love the widget, check screenshot.

  1. AirDroid :dollar: free AIbpQcGs.jpg

Hey, it’s airdroid!

  1. Sensors :dollar: free Gd65U54s.jpg

Not necessary but userful for reading your sensors values.

to be countinued…

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