Flyme 4.5.5 stable (MX4 Pro)


  • With respect Flyme 4.2, Flyme 4.5 canceled primary key touch options and intelligent hidden switch Smartbar added mBack function, default touch Home key to return to the previous level, press the Home key to return to the desktop, press and wake voice assistant or lock screen; phone Added “Intelligent Recognition strange numbers” switch off by default, there is a need to the phone - setting open; cloud storage service is switched from the 360 ​​cloud disk to Ali cloud services, you can still view the information before the album in history and the history folder ʱ?? Members charm friends please know


  • Optimize system heat, power, smooth performance
  • Optimizing memory management
  • Upgrade the baseband version
  • Upgrade fingerprint recognition algorithm, to enhance the efficiency of fingerprint identification
  • Upgrading to Android 5.0.1 system version


  • Added support Alipay fingerprint payment, enter Alipay - My information - Settings - Account Security - to use fingerprints, fingerprint verification after the fingerprint fingerprint payment Alipay

Set up

  • Modify join mBack function, default touch Home key to return to the previous level, press the Home key to return to the desktop, press and wake voice assistant or lock screen, removing the “master key touch” option and the “Smart hide Smartbar” switch
  • New screen lock, document locking area, apply encryption password separately (remember password)
  • Clear user under the new setting a password lock screen lock screen data need to verify passwords
  • Enter the “Sound and Vibration” screen, the music will not stop playing when playing music Optimization
  • Optimization needs modification guest mode
  • The new felt optimization algorithm, optimization shock effect of a variety of scenarios
  • Repair MX4 Pro local backup application data unrecoverable problem

Desktop Cloud Backup

  • Modify the desktop cloud backup application is moved from the center of the entrance to the Account Center
  • Desktop Optimization separated immediate backup and cloud backup automatic backup
  • New Desktop Cloud Backup backup list different models increase


  • Add phone settings increase “intelligent recognition unknown number” switch
  • New number segment display
  • New contact details page to increase “Blacklist” and “Delete contact” Entrance
  • New call records list displays yellow identification information
  • New missed call displays “back” button in the notification bar
  • Hide the status bar icon when optimizing open message recording
  • Optimization of call recording and contact details of the phone call default Flyme
  • Optimization of the contact name in the space reserved field


  • Modify cancel SMS landscape mode
  • Optimize network to send voice information while stopping the other voice playback

Notification bar

  • Settings - auxiliary functions, new immersive status bar switch


  • New Location categorize Browse
  • Added support big picture view page view rotation gesture
  • Modify cloud Ali cloud album service switched to the album, providing unlimited storage space


  • Optimization Home new revision
  • New independent radio station entrance
  • You can delete the local file is removed when new music
  • Added Dirac HD Sound support six new headphones (Etymotic ER4P, AKG Y16, AKG 420, Beyerdynamic DT1350, Beyerdynamic DT235, Sennheiser MX375)
  • View lyrics optimization experience

Security center

  • New traffic monitoring new “This Week Ranking”
  • Optimize application displays all new applications cleanup
  • Optimization garbage cleanup support separate each small trash cleanup
  • Optimization Tips low battery power saving mode, the power is automatically erased prompted connection
  • After optimization of standby power consumption management to clean up the application, there will first clean up tips news

Application Center

  • New list “filter has been installed” Support
  • Optimal adjustment of the “New Boot” for the squared style
  • Optimal adjustment “search hot words list” is a list of style


  • Added Tudou video resources
  • New suspension player supports intelligent docking window edge
  • Added support cloud sync playing record
  • Hot column layout optimization

User feedback

  • Added user feedback APP
  • Feedback: On the phone side feedback issues directly from the problem category
  • Help: FAQ and use the Raiders according to the system function modules
  • Daily Recommended: Recommended system solutions to problems related to the popular use of the Raiders, firmware updates and other information


  • Optimized headset and loud speaker by adjusting the volume keys are 15, supports finger drag trimming


  • The new card contents system, increase the browser’s content information
  • New download acknowledgment function
  • URL input box Chinese Lenovo optimization results
  • Optimization enabled Android L chrome 40 new kernel
  • Optimization of the browser share style micro-letter
  • Optimized video playback directly into full screen mode


  • Added Today’s headlines with large data collaboration, recommended only articles that interest you
  • Added support for clicking links Share the article after the jump to read application

Domestic services

  • Add a personal interface new design center
  • Add new travel services interface design, adding real-time by car, on foot navigation
  • New coupons arrived in price to bind movie function
  • New Personal Order Management
  • Modify upgrade high De Gallery


  • Added notification bar display alarm sounds, click Display alarm bomb box support or turn off the alarm
  • New lock screen when the alarm rings, in case the weather is not installed automatically calls the system lock screen


  • Optimize storage optimization services to enhance the upload speed
  • Modify cloud disk service switched to Ali cool disk, providing 40T cloud storage space


  • Added support function Topic Specials

Game Center

  • New arrival spot payment functions
  • New micro-channel payment functions
  • Modify “silent install the upgrade package” switch by default


  • New e-mail conversation mode
  • New e-mail attachment management interface
  • Allows user to modify the name with spaces login


  • New keyboard keys Collapse


  • New wind power, wind, travel index, air humidity display


  • Added Chinese language by default Monday week start date adjustment

User Center

  • New binding Taobao account
  • Added the draw gift

Payment center

  • Added support for the use of spot against Flyme
  • New micro-channel pay

Flyme 4.5.5A
Flyme 4.5.5I

Flyme 4.5.5A
Flyme 4.5.5I

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@AOKP hello, I’ve made a clean install and LTE doesn’t work… do you have also this problem? Also I cannot login into flyme account…


@Madden83 said:

@AOKP hello, I’ve made a clean install and LTE doesn’t work… do you have also this problem? Also I cannot login into flyme account…

I do not own a MX4 Pro, lets wait for other users to take a look at it.


i got this update by really strange way… i had an old Open Beta version… then i suddenly got a week ago OTA update for 4.5.5A (i presume it was an Open Beta too,but i contacted Meizu about it (still no answer btw) because it wasnt listed on Meizu Webpage) and today i got an OTA for 4.5.5A again… and i guess its stable one… cause size of this update is the same as my OTA… anyways installed it without Clearing Data ofc… so far all working fine… Baseband version same as it was a week ago.

I’ve just installed it with “eraze data”…

Firstable, it seems to be more reactive, the basebandversion is now the LTG_3.116.000.
Must be tested in time…
The exit of the sleep mode is now quick, home button tu return on the desktop is more quick too…
But I must take time to test…and maybe it slow down in duration, will see…

The feedback system is in chinese (help part)…and it’s now possible to let some suggestion to increase experience with mx4pro, or simply to speak about bug…I’m not sure that meizu has mesured what will follow…maybe a lot of complain…we’ll see in time…

@strider83 at first exit from the sleep was OK, but after few hours it takes about 2 seconds to turn it on… :/
Does 4g LTE work on your phone?

should i delete data?
i’m on 4.4.5A test

no way. The best is sell my phone, i report via feedback the keyboard bug since 4.2.x. we are on 4.5.5 and meizu not do nothing, all big bugs are always present, i dont understand why?! If we install other keyboard like google keyboard, swiftkey, etc that have predication system for fast write, we can’t select the middle of suggested word… cursor position always select the end of word. Without this function and using the default meizu keyboard, we go 20 years for past because it not have suggestion word, dicionary, and we need always to write the full word, even if i wrote it 10000000 times per day! They dont do noting for solve it and bring support for others keyboard apps. Please stay tune in that before buy any meizu phone. All FLYME VERSIONS IN ANY PHONE HAVE THAT BIGGGGGG BUG… they are always updating the system, but not solve any bugs, why? If dont know more in android development, please realease android L for international users… write the same word 10000000 times and no dicionary for learn that is go to 20 years ago…


@strider83 are you sure baseband is 3.116.000? not 2.116.000?

@Latstyle said:

@strider83 are you sure baseband is 3.116.000? not 2.116.000?

i had the same issue
first without clear dat i had 2.116.000 but after with clear data i have 3.116.000
Weird!Isn’t it???


@alabalas indeed strange… i wonder now what is better…

No more wake up issues :+1: however the battery is melting now :sob:
Which chinese apps could be removed with root :question:

The 4.5.5A update has Greek?

@Kingu-Prima i have unistalled everything fron China except from cloud services and system webview
(sina,sogou,smart voice,readder,wallet,mzcompaign,life,meizu games,feedback)
take fisrt backup with titanium
Now titanium shows me free rom space 756mb
It’s good for me

@MgVosssos no greek at A from now on (δεν εχει ελληνικα!)

Thanks, will try with System app remover (ROOT), it’s free :grinning:

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