Flyme OS 4.5.5 stable (m1 note)


  • With respect Flyme 4.2, Flyme 4.5 cloud storage service is switched from the 360 ​​cloud disk to Ali cloud services, you can still view the information before the album in history and history folder; contacts application has been canceled desktop icon entrance, you can go to the phone application View contacts. Members charm friends please know


  • Upgrade to Android 5.1 system version


  • Increase the setting “dial default card” feature
  • Add phone settings increase “intelligent recognition unknown number” switch
  • New Star contacts feature
  • New number segment display
  • New Contact List Permanent displays the letter navigation
  • New contact list display company information
  • New Contact details Show number attribution
  • New Call log “Send SMS” “Save number” “Filter number” “Note Number” and other routine operations
  • New call log list shows yellow identifiable information
  • New missed call displays “back” button in the notification bar
  • Search results can show all the numbers in the new multi-number contact T9 search
  • Increased number of new filter "delete call records’ options
  • New contact details page to increase “Blacklist” and “Delete contact” Entrance
  • New multi-number contact number highlighted last call
  • Hide notification bar icon is optimized open message recording
  • Optimization of call recording and contact details of the phone call default Flyme
  • Optimal adjustment of the call interface background set, fit third-party themes
  • Optimization of the contact name in the space reserved field


  • New Smart SMS function
  • Add “timed SMS” function
  • Top features new unread messages no longer miss any piece of information
  • New SMS delivery report Switches
  • When new share contacts, select information / network information sharing in plain text directly share
  • Modify cancel SMS landscape mode
  • Optimize network to send voice information while stopping the other voice playback

Set up

  • Clear user under the new setting a password lock screen lock screen data need to verify passwords
  • New screen lock, document locking area, apply encryption password separately (remember password)
  • New “Sound and Vibration” Join ringtones crescendo switch
  • Added new gesture wake slide around (switch songs) switch
  • Optimization “blur” switch, provided for selecting third gear blur
  • Optimization needs modification guest mode

Weibo Contacts

  • Weibo contacts change as a background service, the main interface is no longer displayed contacts entrance icon
  • Added to microblogging to support multi-map upload, maximum support nine pictures, each picture maximum support 10M, support failure automatically save
  • Added Share Weibo microblogging support sending progress is displayed in the notification bar
  • Support large image preview new share microblogging and you can delete the picture you want to send
  • New microblogging dynamic list of personal support and support 9 figure shows an enlarged preview


  • Added two fingers kneading into the desktop editing mode
  • Modify the default desktop icon layout


  • Optimization cleanup rules are applied: when multitasking can turn off the background cleanup process since the launch of non-application of

Suspension balls

  • New suspension ball customization features
  • Optimized suspension ball animation and default functionality
  • Optimization fixed keyboard appears suspended ball pop height

Notification bar

  • Settings - auxiliary functions, new immersive status bar switch
  • Added Flyme theme switching, theme clips notification bar switch button to take effect without rebooting
  • Modify a Unified third-party applications and systems mute shock logic

Global Search

  • Added support for scene search service based on location

Domestic services

  • Add a personal interface new design center
  • Add new travel services interface design, adding real-time by car, on foot navigation
  • New coupons arrived in price to bind movie function
  • New Personal Order Management

Security center

  • New power-saving mode
  • New traffic Desktop widgets
  • New standby power management, lock screen standby automatically clean three minutes after back-office applications
  • New System flow switch
  • New garbage clean-up process and back-office services new cleanup
  • New leisure traffic monitoring
  • Added memory accelerate desktop shortcut, click rapidly achieve accelerated memory
  • Added new regular garbage clean-scan function
  • New daily / weekly traffic usage charts
  • New applications can be selectively cache garbage cleanup
  • New traffic control and management over the application traffic unconsumed features
  • Close the application since the launch of the new authority, and immediately clean up the application’s memory footprint
  • New traffic usage alerts per day


  • Optimal adjustment of Home Layout
  • New songs song knowledge, support for song and sing songs knowledge knowledge song
  • Added Now Playing interface can trigger a slide volume control
  • New photo-sharing features lyrics
  • Open new song files from document folder, a folder can play all the songs in the playlist and displays
  • Added Dirac HD Sound support five new headphones (Etymotic ER4P, AKG Y16, AKG 420, Beyerdynamic DT235, Sennheiser MX375)
  • New local songs and folders interface alphabetical list of songs to add navigation
  • Add songs nondestructive identification
  • One can add a single new song recommendation reasons
  • Added support synchronous channel subscribed to the cloud
  • New song single song sort function
  • Added folder support and two singles to find ways subdirectories
  • Added Now Playing interface lyrics and cover Cycle
  • You can delete the local file is removed when new music
  • Optimization modify lyrics browse and playback mode of operation
  • Select inline cover when optimization allows you to edit songs
  • Optimization folder entry to the local music merger
  • Optimization of individual centers redesign, do not enter more details you can click play music


  • Added Tudou video resources
  • New suspension player supports intelligent docking window edge
  • Added support cloud sync playing record
  • New video details page AutoPlay settings option
  • New “online seat selection” channel, while watching the trailer can be a key buying movie tickets
  • New details page displays the history of prompt increase has been played video list is displayed in the grayed
  • Optimization of online video player can be rotated automatically switch the screen anyway with the phone
  • Added “video category management” feature
  • New video details page supports direct switching to suspension window
  • Optimization of individual centers optimize display hierarchy, structure clearer


  • New metering separation function, you can adjust the focus or metering point separately
  • New Location setting switch
  • New viewfinder interface mode switching menu appears decline
  • New scan code results page (commodities, books) indicated from the Smart Snap
  • Optimization size interactive display
  • Beauty Make-up Mode optimization to increase the default value


  • Modify cloud Ali cloud album service switched to the album, providing unlimited storage space
  • New Location categorize Browse
  • New albums were local Chinese Remarks
  • Added support big picture view page view rotation gesture
  • New gallery increase recognition of barcodes and 2D codes pictures
  • Add notification bar shows an automatic backup schedule
  • Added support for offline viewing and editing within the photo albums cloud
  • New large image title bar displays time + location
  • Added GIF picture identification, easy to find GIF image
  • Optimization common APP album is checked by default display

Application Center

  • After ignoring the new batch update, set to ignore application settings are no longer prompted been updated
  • Added the “installed” batch uninstall application functionality
  • New zero flow update, simply open the “silent install” in the settings, you can in the absence of intrusive zero flow automatic updating applications
  • Comments point to praise the new features, most of the comments were like a chance to top Display
  • New equipment will need to enter a password when you unload the encrypted application
  • New list “filter has been installed” Support

Game Center

  • New online games, single and reputation rankings
  • New game packs entrance
  • New real-time search hot words
  • New arrival spot payment functions
  • New micro-channel payment functions


  • Optimized headset and loud speaker by adjusting the volume keys are 15, supports finger drag trimming

User Center

  • New binding Taobao account
  • Added the draw gift

Payment center

  • Added support for the use of spot against Flyme
  • New micro-channel pay


  • New smart wallpaper function
  • Added support function Topic Specials
  • New Online ringtone channels
  • New theme installer, you can open theme format files directly within the document
  • New calls, SMS ringtone configuration features
  • New resources management channel
  • New Topic trial History Channel
  • Online wallpaper channel optimization experience


  • The new card contents system, increase the browser’s content information
  • Enable Android L new Chrome 40 cores
  • New night mode browser
  • New download acknowledgment function
  • Optimized video playback directly into full screen mode
  • URL input box Chinese Lenovo optimization results
  • Optimization of micro-channel sharing style


  • New keyboard keys Collapse
  • New cloud Pinyin input
  • New candidate inertial sliding bar


  • New Featured Articles cooperation with Today’s headlines
  • New classification polymerization subscription
  • Added article comments can point like, at the same time there are popular reviews
  • New users can comment spam to report
  • Added support for clicking links Share the article after the jump to read application
  • Optimization comments presentation, you can see all the comments in the article below
  • Optimization logic comments box when the article declined to comment zone automatically appear when the comment box


  • Added notification bar display alarm sounds, click Display alarm bomb box support or turn off the alarm
  • New lock screen when the alarm rings, in case the weather is not installed automatically calls the system lock screen
  • Optimization modify the alarm list screen, alarm control switch to the right


  • Square revision, the new recommendation and columns square icon
  • New meeting Disturb mode
  • Added Chinese language by default Monday week start date adjustment

the weather

  • New wind power, wind, travel index, air humidity display
  • Added display time weather updates, weather updates show time down to a certain extent, let go after the refresh
  • Added animation temperature curve, the temperature curve gradual transition when switching the two cities


  • Modify cloud disk service switched to Ali cool disk, cloud storage space 40T
  • Added support for compressed files preview, when a single file can be found
  • Added support for cloud disk online open function. Music support: APE, M4A, WAV, FLAC, MP3, AAC, video support: MP4, WMV, MKV, PLV, RMVB


  • New telephone recording file search function


  • New e-mail conversation mode
  • New e-mail attachment management interface
  • Added to search module Mail simplified hybrid search of support
  • When new reply messages with attachments, after adding a new contact, the pop-up dialog box prompts whether to add the original attachment
  • New e-mail details and card plus Filtering Options
  • Remove search interface optimized thematically switch, the default is not classified

System Upgrade

  • Added support fully charged in under WLAN environment to automatically download the upgrade package


  • Replace the paper’s new animation

Flyme 4.5.5A

Flyme 4.5.5

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Should we wait for C version soon?

Also, for someone that has A rom already. Can the upgrade take place without clearing of data?

m1 note

@viper said:

Should we wait for C version soon?

Also, for someone that has A rom already. Can the upgrade take place without clearing of data?

If you are upgrading from 4.2.0.x version, clearing data is needed. Otherwise probably not, but i’ve not tested the upgrade from a 4.5.x beta to this yet.

m1 note

i have installed, can i flash this version without any hiccups? and please confirm whether this is an international version with English language

That’s A version , Chinese without google play services ,and Polish language?

@hkarthik86 said:

i have installed, can i flash this version without any hiccups? and please confirm whether this is an international version with English language

It is an A version firmware and it does have english language.

m1 note

@joevik said:

@hkarthik86 said:

i have installed, can i flash this version without any hiccups? and please confirm whether this is an international version with English language

It is an A version firmware and it does have english language.

Can you say if it has other languages too? I’m interested in Italian, thanks.

m1 note

@joevik thanks for your kind attention, whats d difference between I and A? and does it contain gapps or do i have to install gapps seperately

@hkarthik86 The A version does not come with google play pre-installed. However, you can install it through the app centre.

Guys guys guys, please a tuto on how to install xposed !!!

Anyone else having problems with downloading this update? The download starts but then if fails after a while, i just get some download error. Tried the both links provided. Anything else i try to download works as it should.

Is the “I” version coming up soon?

In all Lollipop version, when new message arrives, my screen is always off. How can I turn on my screen when get new message?

@Fantach said:

Anyone else having problems with downloading this update? The download starts but then if fails after a while, i just get some download error. Tried the both links provided. Anything else i try to download works as it should.

I finally downloaded it from original source, took me few tries.

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