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Some games and apps, like Asphalt 8, Youtube, Aliexpress, etc… do not notify anything on the status bar like so do on other android devices, anyone note the same issue? Do I need to install or tweek something to get this notifications?

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I have just got the phone a few days ago and I have the same issue, no notifications for apps like Kik, Whatsapp etc or for missed phone calls/texts. Have looked everywhere on the internet for a solution but have found nothing :( Can anyone help?

Meizu MX4

Thats weird, My one works completely fine. I get all notifications, whatsapp, email etc. some apps have a notification setting (in app) like whatsapp. You can change the setting there, maybe that may help. On my previous phone (Asus Zenfone 6) I updated to Lollipop and the notifications stopped, I couldn’t be bothered looking for a solution so I just factory data reset it and notifications started working again. However the first thing I did with my Meizu m2 Note was to update it to 4.5.3A, maybe its fixed in the latest version.

Hello. Try checking the settings in Security app. Check if the apps you are interested in are allowed to remain activ after entering standby (Security app - Power). I hope it helps.

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