Flyme OS stable (MX5)



  • Added reset button color temperature adjustment, and optimize color temperature adjustment function.
  • Optimization of the number of scans fingerprint entry.
  • Under the percentage of power restoration a few cases show not the right questions.
  • Fix some scenarios may cause the system to reboot problems.
  • Repair some cases the system may not Sleep problems.
  • In some cases repair system stuck questions.
  • Fix the problem after the restart gravity sensor chaos in some cases.
  • Fix the problem may not be properly charged under certain circumstances.
  • Repair few power transition issues.
  • Andrews Stagefright repair security vulnerabilities.


  • Interval can not access the WiFi connection problems after repair some cases.


  • Added default setting dial card features.
  • Under repair lock screen calls, even now that the problem does not call interface.
  • Fix the problem in some cases phone stuck unresponsive.
  • Repair in the call log will flash before hanging up the interface problem when call back.
  • After the repair install UUCall network calls, Outside calls and answering back sound from the speaker out of the question.
  • After the repair turn driving mode, calls can not be broadcast, hang up the phone began to broadcast issues.
  • After the repair over the network using the telephone, headset mode volume to mute media issues.


  • Fix to open the problem of mobile data switches, data roaming switch is not in effect.
  • Repair use Sogou input method, you can not send a voice message network problems.


  • Bluetooth connectivity optimizes stability and transmission.
  • Open WiFi fix interference environment, even now can not search nearby Bluetooth device problem.
  • Repair Bluetooth settings interface flash back problems.


  • Repair lock screen sound-related issues.
  • After the repair switch themes status bar icon unusual problems.


  • Repair Titanium Backup compatibility problems.
  • Google album repair video playback progress bar shows the problem of dislocation.
  • Jota + application error repair problems.
  • Repair Youdao dictionary flash back problems.
  • Flash back problems to fix some third-party applications appear.
  • Fix some third-party applications can not be installed.

Security center

  • Under certain scenarios application error repair problems.


  • Even now unable to fix the problem of the thumbnail Show gallery.
  • Full Screen Mode dropdown repair status bar, status bar problem will not go away.


  • When fixes playback of some video, the screen will flash red and green line from time to time problems.


  • Repair within Sohu video fullscreen button invalid clicks issues.
  • Repair browser input box Paste button misalignment problem.


  • Under certain scenarios application error repair problems.


  • Under certain scenarios application error repair problems.
  • Repair message recording and call recording in the recorder’s phone list in question does not play.
  • Repair earpiece play the recording file silent problem.
  • Fixes for problem can not rename the file in a timely manner after the entry into force and can not be deleted file in the recording list.


  • Fixes memory leak problem.


  • While repairing the first time into conversion mode, the default values ​​are -0 issues.
  • Under certain circumstances the calculator window repair problems disappear.

Game Center

  • Show “Loading” problem repair after entering the application details Returns.


  • Repair QQ pop the lock screen interface above the weather, the weather can not lock screen interface, turn off the alarm problem.
  • Repair can not automatically locate the problem.
  • Fixes memory leak problem.

System Upgrade

  • Repair due to network problems or other issues led to a failed firmware upgrade.



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Well the OTG problem hasn’t been fixed. My Sandisk drive is still getting disconnected after about 30 seconds.


@aaronm13 said:

Well the OTG problem hasn’t been fixed. My Sandisk drive is still getting disconnected after about 30 seconds.

At least the got Stagefright patched after 1 month.

Otg not fixed, languages are missing… Sad.

Does anyone here facing a wifi issues after updated to this version? I find that my MX5 got an automate self-disconnected from wifi often especially after went to idle state. That causes a problem in connecting anything after you resume and you have to shut down then turn on wifi again to make it works.

I haven’t changed any setting in power saving mode though. While I was on I haven’t found this kind of issue ever.

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@Paul24 I’m facing a very similar issue, keep an eye on this thread too.

@kami said:

@Paul24 I’m facing a very similar issue, keep an eye on this thread too.

Nice! :) Thank you for your link. At least I am not the one facing this alone. Hope to see update fix this annoying issue asap.

I am getting some problems with battery consumption with this rom.
Is it possible to downgrade to previous version?

I am also having an issue with Wi-Fi disconnecting when idle. It is a bit annoying since it was not an issue with previous version. Can I just download the from the previous version and install that manually and then it is reverted to

Alright, the following have solved the issue of the disconnecting Wi-Fi for me.

Go to Security -> Power saving -> App management
Then make sure that any and all Android System apps are allowed to run while idle. I had one that was set to terminate when idle and that was probably the one running wi-fi, after setting that to be allowed to run while idle. I no longer have any problems with the wi-fi disconnecting.

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I never had such a problem even all apps were disabled in that section when I was with I will give it a try and come back with a report.

After left my phone for an hour without a touch and went back again. I found the issue might considered as resolved. I did not found a wifi issue. I will test for the next 5-6 hours and see if the problem still persist or not.

Even this might be a way help problem solved but still a bit dissatisfaction for this update. I hope power management could come back as it were on Even a bit more on power saving is important.

P.S. The service I enabled is “Google Services”.

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