Hardware specs from Chinese vs International MX5
Meizu MX5

I’ve the Chinese hardware version from mx5 where I’m installed the latest international Flyme OS version I’d like to know if the Baseband is the same in two models, the Chinese and the International.

When I had Flyme OS version C my baseband was the same from Flyme OS version I. I don’t know if the international release of the phone, has different Baseband version.

My baseband: MOLY.LR9.W1423.MD.LWTG.CMCC2.MP.V1.P21, 2015/07/02 09:47

My goal is to know if the 3g and 4G frequencies from the international and the Chinese versions are the same. So if you have the international version of the MX5 please, paste the baseband version and the Flyme OS version.

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Thnak you!


Basically it is 1:1 the same chip. However the Flyme engineers were so nice to block some bands on some firmwares.

So yes, theoretically the bands are the same, however some bands are disabled on the chinese MX5.

Meizu MX5

Thank you @AOKP ! When we upgrade the Flyme OS are we upgrading also the firmware? If it’s true as I think, the international Flyme OS comes with firmware with different bands activated, isn’t it? For that reason I’d like to know the version from an official Internatioanl MX5 phone. Mine is chinese with Flyme OS forced to International.

If the versions are different, may be Flyme OS detects our device and although we install international version, the firmware is not changed. What do you think?

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